Corona my Thoughts

Can someone tell me that i’m not the only one losing my mind. Trapped inside comfort wouldn’t make one think that insanity was approaching. Life has changed that much we all can agree. But when will it be the way it used to be. For someone in my shoes this happened at the worst time in life’s progression process. My maturation halted and once again confined to my mothers walls. Only having scratched the surface of adulthood and being responsible for ones self. I can’t seem to remember how it felt. In a matter of weeks I had my freedom stolen from me. If it was not for the Rona there is no telling where I would be. But I can tell you where i wouldn’t be. Which is where i am now I mean look at me. If you could here’s what you would see. A twenty something struggling with almost everything. I hate to complain because someone always has it worse and for the world being the way it is I can only say I have been blessed. But that does not stop me losing my mind from being stressed. I in what some might say is the most important time of your life have to put this part on hold and hope that it will resume one day. I know many feel like I. Where do we go from here? Will school be open again? What will it look like? How can they manage thousands of students? What about sports, whats going on with that? Will any of this matter within the next few years? Are we on the verge of a collapse in society? Have Americas best days been had already and if thats the case who were they really good too? Stuff like this stays on my mind and there is nothing I can do to shake it, I question myself on how much longer I can take it. I feel my psyche slipping and I can’t fake it.

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